This is an awesome and creative idea I would never have thought of.

Bello Modo


At Bello Modo, we’ve been trying to think of fun, new, and creative ways to use the huge array of supplies we have in stock. Jewelry is the obvious answer, but we like to think a little out of the box. The sun has been out,  the birds have been chirping, and that’s got us thinking… what can we make for them?

Birdhouses, of course! And while we’re not master woodsmiths, we do have an eye for design. We dropped by our local craft store to pick up the houses themselves, then got to work on adorning them.

Sometimes I wonder if birds ever enjoy the houses humans build for them as much as we do ourselves. Either way, these beautiful birdhouses will add some life to your yard, and hopefully act as an invitation for some new winged friends.


Birdhouse – you can buy a small birdhouse at…

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