This is extremely insightful and interesting to read. Thank you Bello Modo for sharing this.

Bello Modo

I just finished watching the movie ‘Burnt’, basically about the maturing process oVintage2f a chef, played by
Bradley Cooper. I was entertained, liked the style, and the beauty of the dishes they prepared, and, well Bradley Cooper, but mostly it made me reflect on my job, and what we do at Bello Modo.

I know, sending out beading supplies is not on the same level as a Michelin chef, but in a way we contribute to the beauty in the world, sending out the supplies to the makers, to those who take them and make something beautiful with them, as a gift, for themselves, or perhaps to offer for sale. I like to think that we send out little packages of the “seeds of beauty”, and when they arrive the recipients start the germination period and spread the love, joy, and beauty with those around them.

I know, I…

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