These are definitely unique, gorgeous and truly one of a kind!!! No two could ever be the same and just from own opinion it makes jewelry even that much more special than it already was.

Bello Modo

BotanicalEarrings1These botanical earrings are great for gardeners, outdoors-lovers, or just anyone who likes flowers. You can preserve a beautiful flower you grew or save a wildflower from a hike, or even remember a special occasion by making jewelry from wedding or a special occasion such as Mother’s Day. There are more flowers around you than you realize—Jean, who made these earrings, is an herbalist so the rose and marigold (calendula)  came from a medicinal tea blend she had with her!

All of the petals Jean used were dried and still in their natural form, so there are some places they meet the surface of the resin. I think it gives the jewelry a cool texture, but if you want your plants to be fully submerged in the resin, press them first so they are flat. (Here’s a good article illustrating different ways to press flowers.)

This was Jean’s first time working with resin, but the Nunn Design 2-part resin…

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