I like these a lot. Simple, yet classic and elegant. Can be dressed up or down. Love versatile jewelry.

Bello Modo


One thing about working at Bello Modo is that you’ll see an item over and over again until you are obsessed with it. (If you’ve ever worked at a craft store, you know what I’m talking about.) For me, it was the Palace Green Opal crystals by Swarovski. There’s just something about them: they’re milky, moody, and subtle and I knew I had to make something.


The angle of these earrings reminds me of sweeping palace steps, hence the name. Two shades of copper all-metal seed beads set off the smoky emerald green crystal, and are echoed by the Nunn Design fine faceted ball chain and crimp ends. They are seriously luxurious and feel as good to wear as they look. Keep reading for instructions!


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