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So awesome and different!!!

Bello Modo


Did you know all Nunn Design is still 25% off on until Sunday? Today and tomorrow we’ll be highlighting projects you can make with their Itsy line, which is just as cute as it sounds. (Check back tomorrow for a super simple project that mixes the Itsy line with Swarovski Flatback Crystals!)

For our first project today, we paired the Nunn Design Itsy Single Loop Rectangles with Toho 11/0 Triangle Seed Beads to make these tiny Colorblocked Triangle earrings.

Pre-stringing the Toho triangles makes placing the beads easier, and color blocking emphasizes the lines of the rectangle charm. I love the slight irregularity of how the triangle beads sit—it adds so much visual interest and catches the light in great ways.



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So love these and how simple they are to make!!!

Bello Modo


To continue our Nunn Design focus  (all Nunn is 25% off until Sunday!), we combined the Itsy Earring Post with Flatback Swarovski Crystals.

These earrings might be the simplest jewelry project you will ever do, yet they’re so classic and versatile for anyone’s style. They would make great presents for friends, granddaughters, or anyone else on your list.





  1. Place a thin layer of glue inside your earring post bezel.
  2. Carefully place the flatback rhinestone in the bezel and press to secure.

See? So quick! I spent longer debating whether I should try to Photoshop my cuticles in these pictures. (Nothing like a macro…

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