Bello Modo shares the new Nunn Design components they received and what a fabulous job they did creating beautiful jewelry.

Bello Modo

So many gorgeous new Nunn components arrived recently and I was inspired to try my hand at metal stamping again.  Although, they did not come out perfect and I had to scrap a couple pieces along the way, overall, I am very happy to have a necklace with all my sons (including the newest one who does not arrive until the end of October!!) names upon it, embedded within hearts.  If you are new to stamping, I suggest ordering an extra Tag or find a similar metal to stamp upon to practice spacing and technique.SNN1

Wearing this necklace feels so special, with the names of my children kept close to my heart.SNN2

I love any metal that has been hammered!  Here is the new Hammered Flat Tag Long Narrow Single Hole in Antique Silver.  I stamped the letters onto the pieces, spelling out the names of my 2 boys…

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